Kite surfing in Calabria – Gizzeria Lido stage of the Kite surfing world championship

The beaches of the municipality of Gizzeria are one of the most popular destinations for those who practice Kite surfing professionally. A very fun water sport suitable for all adrenaline junkies. In the beginning it was surfing, but “just a kite” is enough to get carried away by the waves of the Gizzeria sea. Our strategic position allows us to have a wind which also reaches strength 12-26 knots: basically a paradise for all lovers of Kite surfing! There are so many fans of this sport who come here.

The whole area near La Lampara di Gizzeria enjoys an excellent climate, not only in summer. From April to October the wind blows all day from the northwest or west. The beach near our Hotel – Restaurant La Lampara is perfect for practicing this sport. Finishing off an adrenaline-filled day with a relaxing dinner on our panoramic terrace overlooking the sea makes everything better.